The Charles J. Strosacker Foundation of Midland, Michigan was established in 1957 by the late Charles J. Strosacker, one of the pioneers of The Dow Chemical Company, “To assist and benefit political subdivisions of the State of Michigan, and religious, charitable, benevolent, scientific or educational organizations.”

Grant applications must be submitted before April 15th or October 15th; and should be made by letter describing:

The purpose
Major expenditures
Major income source
Project budget
Timing requirements Amount requested

The Foundation makes grants only to eligible organizations, not to individuals.  Therefore, the applicant should also furnish copies of:

  • The IRS letter granting tax exempt status to the organization
  • The organization’s latest financial statements

The Trustees do not hold personal interviews with applicants, except upon the Foundation’s initiative.

Grant Application Template

We recommend using the CMF Common Grant Application.  Just make sure you include all the information required for grants list above.

Download the Grant Application