On behalf of the City of Auburn

Aug 20, 2014 | Grantee Comments, Testimonial

There is a saying; God works in mysterious ways, and I believe this to be true. We the people of Auburn are greatly blessed by this very generous gift from The Charles J. Strosacker Foundation. On behalf of the people of the City of Auburn, I would like to thank Mari and Tom Cimbalik for their love and belief in the people of Auburn and The Charles J. Strosacker Foundation for their generous donation.

The purpose of this gift is for the City to construct an outdoor multi-use basketball/hockey facility for year round uses. The grant has done more. It has sparked discussion and action to be taken to revitalize our whole City Park. Our park has always been a corner stone of our community. It is a place where people, both young and old, come to play, relax, work out, watch a sporting event or hear a concert. It is a place for families to come together in love and fun.

The Foundation’s donation has renewed interest by our residents and the Auburn Downtown Development Authority to become involved in this project. We are revising our Master Plan for our park, to see what else we can do to meet the needs of both our residents and visitors. It is donations like this from The Charles J. Strosacker Foundation that enable communities to come together and succeed in doing major projects, because without such funding in today’s world, these projects would not happen.

On behalf of The City of Auburn and its residents, I would like to thank the Cimbaliks for requesting the funding on our behalf. I feel love like this for a community is rare today. I again want to express my deep appreciation to The Charles J. Strosacker Foundation. They really do help make dreams come true, not only to the City of Auburn, but to every group that they bless with their support. It is the vision of those who have started foundations like The Charles J. Strosacker Foundation that have helped shape and make this nation a better place to live. To this, we say thank you!


Lee Kilbourn, Mayor
The City of Auburn

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